Uncovering Financial Opportunity
Our offerings provide attractive investment opportunities that combine financial returns with meaningful social and environmental impacts.

Investment Opportunities

We structure projects that align with investor goals, such as renewable energy ventures with steady returns or sustainable agribusiness initiatives. Argo’s expertise ensures investments yield economic gains and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Argo’s projects capture poultry litter’s full value…

… producing three valuable revenue streams for investors.

Project benefits for investors

Argo’s projects yield higher risk-adjusted returns than standard renewable infrastructure.
A diverse revenue stack avoids reliance on a single market, supporting long-term operational stability.
All 3 of the project’s products reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and air pollution.
Argo’s project produce consistent free cashflows for decades.

Common questions

Do you already have equity funding?
Yes. Argo has received a funding commitment from Spring Lane Capital. However, Argo and Spring Lane are open to opportunities for strategic co-investment, especially from firms in the fertilizer, agrifood, and renewable fuel industries.
What is different about your project from other RNG projects?
Argo is using proven technology to capture poultry litter’s value fully. This results in projects with a low-risk profile but higher returns than projects using other feedstocks, such as dairy manure, MSW, or landfill gas.
What is different about Argo’s development approach?
Argo bridges the gap between investors who have the resources to invest in distributed infrastructure, the execution firms that have the technical resources to build projects, and the agriculture communities that have the natural resources to host and operate a project.
Does Argo use proprietary technology?
No. Argo uses a unique combination of commercially-proven technology to reduce risk and improve performance. In fact, Argo’s previous engineering and construction experience has shown that technically-driven projects often cost more and underperform technologies that have been widely used for decades.
Does Argo design your own plants?
No. Argo partners with trusted industry leaders to design, build, and operate our systems. Although we are engineers, we stick to what we are good at - development. This results in projects that cost less, work better, and produce a higher return for investors.


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