Argo collaborates with farmers to sustainably optimize the value of their existing operations.

Engaging Agriculture

Our services encompass agricultural byproduct handling and bioprocessing, nutrient management and optimization, and cost-effective organic fertilizer programs. By enabling farmers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and implement practices that mitigate environmental risks, we support their role as key contributors to food security and rural development while providing lasting economic and environmental value.

Poultry Growers

Higher revenue
More consistent operations
Lower environmental risk

Crop Farmers

Cost-effective, organic fertilizer
Fully available nutrients
Lower GHG emissions (potential for credits)

Understanding operational realities

We delve deep into the operational realities of the local agricultural ecosystem, recognizing the challenges and opportunities unique to each community.

Quantifying stakeholder value

We meticulously quantify the value of existing practices for all stakeholders, ensuring that our projects contribute to the betterment of the entire community.

Developing mutual benefits

We focus on developing business deals that increase economic value and enhance environmental sustainability, benefiting the entire community.


We involve the community in decision-making throughout the development process, ensuring that our projects align with their needs and aspirations.

Developing mutually beneficial projects

1. Understand the operational realities of the local agricultureal ecosystem
2. Quantify the value of current practices to all stakeholders
3. Develop a business deal that increases total value for the community
4. Involve the community in decision-making throughout development

Common questions

I already sell my poultry litter to crop farmers – why should I sell it Argo?
Argo will pay you more money for your poultry litter. Thanks to our bioprocessing solution, Argo captures the litter's full nutrient and energy content, allowing us to pass a portion of that value back to farmers.
Regional crop farmers rely on my litter for cost-effective nutrients – will they still have the option to purchase products from Argo?
Yes. Argo strives to 'grow the pie' for all members of the existing poultry litter ecosystem, including crop farmers. Our solution produces cost-effective organic fertilizer products that crop farmers can purchase.
Why are your fertilizer products better than raw litter?
Argo's solution produces fertilizers with a consistent specification in standard shelf-stable form factors, allowing farmers to predictably apply fully plant-available nutrients with their existing equipment.
Raw poultry litter contains organic material that promotes soil health – will your products also have this?
Yes. Argo's solid NPK product is derived from organic material and will still promote a healthy soil biome, just like raw litter.
Will I have to change my farming practices to sell my litter to Argo?
No. Argo can either provide cleanout and hauling services or coordinate with your existing provider. Our goal is to reduce litter management burden on farmers, allowing you to focus on growing poultry.


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