Enriching Communities.
Engaging Agriculture.
Optimizing Value.


Our mission

For agricultural community members and investors, Argo is the infrastructure project developer that optimizes economic and environmental value because we collaboratively work with key stakeholders, leveraging emerging financial opportunities that mutually benefit our partners.

Nikhil Garg

Partner & Co-Founder, Spring Lane Capital
“As an investor focused on distributed infrastructure, I can confidently say that Argo is the gold-standard for efficient sustainable project development. Their collaborative approach aligns the interests of key stakeholders, ensuring their projects are effectively executed and create as much value as possible for local agricultural communities. Argo has established themselves as one of Spring Lane’s most trusted partners and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

Process overview

At Argo, our process for developing sustainable infrastructure projects that benefit agricultural communities is designed to create a positive impact at every stage.
We engage with agricultural partners to optimize value and enrich communities through a comprehensive approach that addresses each community’s unique needs.

How we approach opportunities

Engaging Agriculture
We initiate our projects by engaging with the local agricultural community. We believe in building relationships and understanding the intricacies of the agricultural ecosystem.
Optimizing Value
Argo’s development approach centers around optimizing project value for agricultural communities.
Enriching Communities
Our projects are geared towards enriching agricultural communities in tangible ways.


Our process is a holistic journey that develops infrastructure, nurtures relationships, optimizes value, and leaves a lasting positive impact on the agricultural communities we engage with.

At Argo, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions tailored to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders, including communities, farmers, investors, and partners.

Our commitment to impactful, sustainable infrastructure drives our approach to creating value and fostering positive impacts across these sectors.


We drive impact by spearheading sustainable infrastructure projects that amplify economic, environmental, and social well-being.

Our initiatives invigorate rural economies, creating jobs and bolstering local industries while championing environmentally responsible practices. Reducing carbon footprints through renewable energy solutions and resource-efficient technologies is a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future.

Forward-looking forecast

Argo’s commitment to collaboration extends to nurturing vibrant communities, empowering farmers with innovative solutions, and enticing investors with avenues that fuse financial growth with positive societal change. Ultimately, our impact resonates far beyond projects, leaving a legacy of resilience, prosperity, and sustainable progress in the agricultural domains we serve.

About our team

Founded in 2021 by Miles Walker and Justin Hines, Argo focuses on sustainable infrastructure projects that offer both economic and environmental value. We specialize in serving agricultural communities and investors through a unique blend of trusted technology and innovative finance.

Our core values—capability, resourcefulness, collaboration, and commercial focus—guide us in managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects. We build trust with our partners and deliver on a variety of goals, from maximizing farmers’ byproduct value to offering ESG investments and generating community tax revenue.

In short, Argo stands out for its commitment to economic and environmental optimization, stakeholder collaboration, and delivering on promises to the highest standard.
Argo’s principals bring 50+ years of sustainable infrastructure development experience.
Miles Walker
Managing Director
Miles Walker is an experienced Managing Director with 25 years in sustainable infrastructure and project management. Formerly the EVP of Energy at a leading engineering firm, he oversaw a $12 million annual P&L. Miles has led various green energy projects, including a 40+ MW community solar venture and multiple anaerobic digesters. He also co-founded Massachusetts’ largest alternative energy credit aggregator. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and an M.B.A. from Babson College.
Justin Hines
VP Commercial Ops. & Senior Principal
Justin Hines is a seasoned VP of Commercial Operations with over 12 years in sustainable infrastructure. As a former Director at an innovative startup, he led efforts that doubled project installations and helped secure funding and acquisitions. Justin holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from N.C. State and is a driving force in sustainability and innovation.
Paul Gaj-Cappello
VP Portfolio Operations
Paul Gaj-Cappello is Argo’s VP of Portfolio Operations since 2023, directing their key poultry litter bioprocessing initiative. Previously, he managed a $350 million annual capital spend at Washington Gas and was VP at Wood Mackenzie, focusing on cost efficiency. With 14 years in the oil, gas, and utilities sectors, he has a Chemical Engineering degree from Yale and an MBA from Rice University.


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